Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Special" Saturdays

"What can we do that's special"... that's what I wake up to most weekends. My daughter has high expectations regarding her weekend activities. When I was that age my parents would chuck me out the door in the morning and tell me to come home when the street lights came on. Well, maybe not quite like that but still.. most weekends we just played in the yard or at the park. But my daughter expects more. More fun, more adventure, more more more. Now there are days when the house needs a good clean or the yard is a mess..and that's when we tell her to beat it and find something to do on her own. But some weekends we cave in and we're always thankful we did. This time it was a trip to the breakwater. It was a beautiful day and another great adventure...and I guess we have her to thank for that.

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I am a photographer, wife and mother with two perfect kids. I created this blog as a way to journal our adventures and post my photos as I explore the art of photography.


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